Amazona Agua


The best grapes of our Estate carefully selected obtaining an elegant and balanced wine.

grape variety

100% Petit Verdot


Red wine, with over 18 months in French Oak barrels



Visual fase: intense cherry red, brilliant with violet nuances and glycemic.

Nose: clean, intense, with fresh flower notes and concentrated and ripe black fruit in balance with the roasted, balsamics and spice aromas from the French oak barrels.

Taste: fresh mouth attack but meaty and wide at the same time, unctuous and soft tannins followed by a balanced and elegant aftertaste.



The grapes are hand harvested in 25kg boxes at our vineyard and the sorting is carried out by hand at our contiguous winery.

The special selection starts at the vineyard where the grape is selected according to the cluster and grain size, the seed ripeness, the skin thickness, its taste, in addtion to its respective acidity analytics and amount of sugar in the must.

The type of barrel and the time in it are also carefully selected, considering the organoleptic perceptions that the wine acquires during the time in the barrel.

Bottled and stored in the half-buried cellar with excellent temperature and humidity conditions.