Amazona Tierra


Selection of the best varieties of the vintage, providing each of them its singularity and turning it into an unique and complex wine. 

grape variety

Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay



wine type

White wine



Visual fase: nice yellow straw colour with greenish nuances.

Nose: notable for its intensity, its aromatic purity and a wide range of reminiscences of white fruit, bone, pineapple and sweet notes of figs and honey, providing warmth to the wine.

Taste: sugary, big and of a balanced freshness where the alcoholic perception is hardly noticeable. Very fruity mouthfeel.



The grapes are hand harvested in 25 kg boxes very selectively, given that the these different grape varieties mature unevenly.

Separate winemaking of each variety during 25 days that approximately last its harvest.

Grapes are smooth-hand pressed vertically to obtain a free-run juice of extremely high quality, taste and aroma.

This must is cleaned during 24 hours under low temperatures in order to separate the deposit, skins, seeds and other wastes from harvesting that could lead to strange aromas and flavours during the future fermentation at 15 ºC for approximately 17 days depending on the grape variety,

Cleaning racking to remove dead natural and subsequent blending of the varieties that make up this wine according to the technical department criteria. Ageing on thin lees during 3 months to provide volume in mouth.