‘Cata Añada’ Wine Tasting Association rates Társila 12 Months as excellent


Fernando Arce headed up the blind wine tasting of our red wine Társila 12 Months 2012, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León wine elaborated in our Estate Dehesa de Fuentes de Duero. The wine was rated as excellent during the tasting and also listed as one of the most unique wines in the lands of Castile and León.



Cherry red colour, clean and crystalline, medium full bodied


Red and black wild fruits, toasted and vanilla aromas, lactic notes


Good legs, round wine, pleasant attack, somewhat alcoholic but perfectly assembled, fleshy, well structured and warm in mouth


Complex wine, elegant and warm, Vino complejo, elegante y cálido, engaging the wine drinker


During the blind tasting, carried out by the Wine Testing Association from Salamanca ‘Cata Añada’, it was also stressed how the Petit Verdot, originally from France, brings to our wine depth and complexity in mouth. The Petit Verdot variety (meaning little green) ripens very late and its special feature is to provide aroma, colour, acidity and tannins (and also sometimes higher alcohol content) to most of the great French red wines, by adding less than 10% to the assemblage. The wine variety can be mainly found in Bordeaux together with the Cabernet Sauvignon variety.

Published in Salamanca al Día Newspaper.