Bodegas Társila unites dance and culture in La Cistérniga


Társila always support culture and this week we will be with The International Contemporary Dance Contest at LaCistérniga offering our wines to the writers of the selected books for the competition. 

Although our estate and winery are close to Tudela de Duero, Dehesa De Fuentes de Duero belongs to La Cistérniga, so we like to be close to both municipalities and their people. For this reason and to support the International Contemporary Dance Exhibition and its event organizer Lola Eiffel, we will be at La Cistérniga Cultural Arts Center next Saturday the 23rd February. We will accompany the presenters and the participants offering them our white wine Társila Amazona Tierra.


The presenters will expose their books : ‘Varsovia’ by David P. Zaraín from Valladolid, the book of poems 'Abrázame los monstruos' by David Galán (Redry) from Valladolid too,  'Tres pulgas de biblioteca' by Nieves Muñoz de Lucas, a writer from La Cistérniga and 'Comisuras' by Lara Herrero y Noelia Maeso from Palencia. Moreover it will also be held a photography exhibition. Alfredo Rivas y Andrés Carretero will exhibit their works.

Same date same place at 21:00 at La Cistérniga Cultural Arts Center it will be held the choreographer gala    ‘Books and Dance’ hosted by the actress from Valladolid Alba Frechilla. All the selected dancers in an international call will perform in this gala and the presentation of the awards will take place in a few days. At the end of the gala the Velo Awards will be presented.



CDC is an International Contemporary Dance Exhibition held every year in La Cisterniga and in the Calderon Theatre in Valladolid. This year it will take place on 16th, 22nd and 23rd February. It is a different event that brings training, performance and culture all together.

This competition was born because of the need of ties of bond and cooperation among dancers. This festival aims are bringing dance to all kind of public and also promoting participation and training and professional development for all level dancers.

‘I wanted to generate a work circuit to promote dance and this Contest is a continuation of a fulfilled dream. It encompasses training, support, conference, creation, performance, principles and love.’

- Lola Eiffel (Mar Espinilla), choreographer and dancer from Valladolid.

Its director, Lola Eiffel, defines this Contest as a great opportunity to enhance dance, the great forgotten in the Performing Arts World.

Moreover in the CDC you may find a different format from the rest of similar events because it includes and combines masterclasses, performances and another arts as literature, photography, etc.

From 19:00 to 20:30

Casa de Cultura de La Cistérniga
C/ Fuensaldaña, s/n
La Cistérniga

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