Family Wine Tourism in Bodegas Társila

At Bodegas Társila we want you to enjoy our visits and tours at our vineyard and winery. That’s why we offer tours and activities designed especially for children so that as parents you can share experiences with your children.



Our family tours are designed for the entire family to enjoy the visit at the same time and to get know better the wine world, the wine tasting and our winery all together.

We adapt every visit, in an educational and entertaining way, to each group, time of the year and children ages.

This time, being close to the harvesting moment, we have collected different grape varieties from the vineyard, bunches as well as leaves, in order to get to know the differences between the varieties. We have chosen two different wines that contain these grape varieties for the wine tasting:

Verdejo vs Gewürztraminer

Both adults and children have identified the grape aromas in our wine Társila Amazona Tierra. Some of the aromas can be distinguished clearly, such as ones from the grape Gewürztraminer, an aromatic variety that evokes the lychee fruit, both in the grape and in wine. Children smelled the wine and parents tasted it.


Tempranillo vs Petit Verdot

Two very different grape varieties, both used in two of our red wines: Társila 6 Months and Társila 12 Months. The Petit Verdot grape has a thick skin with much more color than the Tempranillo grape, a color that stands out in our red wines made from this grape variety.



Our winery and vineyard its located at just 12 kilometers from the city of Valladolid, at the beginning of the Ribera del Duero’s Golden Mile. We also offer the possibility to eat at our winery or to have some snacks and appetizers with the wine tasting. If you prefer to continue the day outside the winery, there are endless culinary options: at just some minutes away Mesón 239 in Tudela de Duero or in a close village, Traspinedo, very well known for its “pinchos de lechazo”. The perfect idea for a family outing surrounded by vineyards in the countryside. Please find more information and contact with us for any question here.