From budburst to the flowering of our vine, the new vintage of Bodegas Társila


This last week of June at the Duero River Valley we have seen the vine flowering at our vineyards. This flowers will turn into the fruit that we will harvest in a few months to elaborate the next vintage, 2019, of Bodegas Társila.


The quality of the next vintage will depend on the labors undertaken at our vineyard in Fuentes de Duero this days. Before we can taste the wine, the vine has to go through numerous processes and each of these are taken care with passion by our vine growers until the moment of the harvest arrives.

The life cycle begins with a small sprout between March and April, depending on the grape variety, coloring in green our vineyards. A very interesting process of a very worked land that we wanted to share with you in this post. Hope you find it interesting!

Throughout the year the vineyard goes through a whole life cycle that is repeated every year:

Burst ➡ Leaf development ➡ Flowering ➡ Pollination ➡ Setting ➡ Veraison ➡ Ripeness ➡ Hasrvest ➡ Winter Dormancy

We will continue to tell you about the rest of the life cycle once we arrive to the harvest.

Have you found the vine life cycle interesting?

Would you like to get first-hand knowledge of the process at our vineyard?

In Bodegas Társila you can learn a lot with its visits and experiences, about wine and also about our wines. Come and visit our winery and our Estate Dehesa Fuentes de Duero!

Raquel Rodilla