Bodegas Társila on El SaUcachorchos, 'No es un día Cualquiera' of Radio Nacional on the occasion of Women's Day


Sergio Sauca, collaborator on ‘No es un día Cualquiera’ of Radio Nacional de España, devotes his section El SaUcacorchos to wine and women and highlights the work of Társila.

Sergio Sauca on the radio radio programme ‘No es un día Cualquiera’ of Radio Nacional has highlighted the endeavor that women have made over the years for the wine world. An applause and tribute to all of them, from sommeliers to winemakers, from the grape harvesters to all of them who are working at differente positions in the winery. Women are increasingly present in the wine world and business. In this context he has highlighted Társila’s work and also the task of the new generations that are now leading the winery with infinite passion for the land and wine:

“Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of vine-growers, a source of inspiration for several generations of this familiar winery almost artisan, that now bears her name. A woman originally from the north of Spain, from Asturias, based now in the Duero River Valley. She opted firmly for this wine project during a time when roughly any woman in Spain ventured to do so.

— Sergio Sauca, El SaUcacorchos

Társila riding her horse at the door of the wine cellar.

Társila riding her horse at the door of the wine cellar.


Colección Társila Amazona

Our limited production collection called Társila Amazona is a tribute to all women and specially to the ones that are and have been bound to the wine world like Társila: a strong and independent woman, risky and courageous, nonconformist by nature and with a strong character, she has always managed to impose herself over adversities and has stood out in the world of agriculture that is mostly a world of men and especially in her time.


El Saucacorchos on ‘No es un día Cualquiera’ of Radio Nacional


El SaUcacorchos is a radio space under the wing of the programe ‘No es un día cualquiera’, directed by Pepa Fernández. This wine section started in September of 2015 and since then the journalist Sergio Sauca passes his passion for wine through curiosities, advice and experiences.


Radio programe directed and hosted by Pepa Fernández broadcasted every Saturday and Sunday morning on Radio Nacional.