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Cookies are small text files or pieces of information that are stored by the browser on the hard disk of your computer and sent to the browser when you visit a website. They perform several functions, such as allowing to remember certain information that is provided as we surf through the different pages. 

TÁRSILA FERNÁNDEZ GARO, S.L.U. uses cookies on its website to store the preferences of the user for the purpose of improving our offer of products or services, to ensure the technical functioning of the web portal, and to develop new and better features. If the cookies are not allowed by the user or deactivated, some features and/or services may not work properly.

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We use cookies on our website for the following purposes:

Strictly necessary or technical cookies:

These cookies are necessary for the correct use of the website. Without them, some or all of the available services will not be operative.

Web surfing or analysis cookies:

These cookies gather information about the use and tracking of the visitors through the website. For instance: pages visited, loading errors, etc. This gathered information is used in order to make improvements based on the data analysis of the use made by the users of the service, being the principal goal to improve the website functioning.

Third party cookies

Those cookies that are sent to the terminal equipment of the user from a equipment or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that processes the obtained data via the cookies and this website uses the following:

Google: Uses a variety of cookies that counts the number of times that a user enters a page, they determine how much time takes each user on the website and what website they visited before ours.

HOW TO DiSABLE COOKIES in the main browserS

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