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Dehesa de Fuentes de Duero

In the heart of the Duero River Valley, our land has a long agricultural, livestock and winemaking tradition. Already in the year 1473, D. Pedro Villandrando, Earl of Ribadeo paid the Church with wine, wheat and barley produced in our estate. Furthermore Fuentes de Duero was an autonomous town, with its own school and church, and even had its own Town Hall.



Over 1000 hectares of flora and fauna


Bodegas Társila is located on the banks of the Duero River in a unique enclave whose landscape never ceases to amaze, transforming itself throughout the year due to the extreme contrasts of its climate.

The estate offers infinite possibilities: from the Dehesa, its water springs, its ponds and its wooded fields of gall oaks, ashes, junipers and holm oaks where our cattle move freely, to irrigated and rainfed fields dedicated to cereal, fodder, sugar beet and alfalfa, among others. To irrigate all these fertile lands we have the Canal del Duero, which with its riverbed makes the fauna and vegetation even more numerous. Such as the Giant Sequoias planted by the canal builders in the 19th century or the various types of edible fungi and varied aquatic fauna.

It is a pleasure to walk and explore this natural refuge that has the most varied fauna: ducks, golden and imperial herons, roe deer, wild boars, hares, rabbits, partridges, eagles, foxes as a small example of the wildlife in the estate.

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More than wine since the Middle Ages


Fuentes de Duero is a family estate whose winemaking, livestock and agricultural tradition dates back to the Middle Ages. Several buildings are preserved such as the wine cellar, Parador, school, a Romanesque chapel consecrated to Santiago with its graveyard, a palace, a fortified defensive tower and the old railway tracks with an iron bridge over the Duero River. The estate even had its own Town Hall during the 19th Century. In short, hundreds of years of history recovered and transformed into an exciting project.



By and for the earth and the environment

We respect our environment and our fauna, for this reason we practice conservation agriculture in order to improve and make a more efficient use of natural resources. We adopt different techniques to achieve benefits for soil, air and water, as well as for the enhancement of biodiversity and conservation of a large number of animal species during critical periods of their life cycle. Moreover, we use solar panels for the supply of the irrigation systems and wine production.